Scott H

Dr. Sanjeevan is not only exceptional in his dentistry work he is also great patient advocate. He recommends and explains services the North Dayton Family Dental provides in great detail.

I had a rather large unsightly brownish stain on my front tooth ever since I was a child. Every dentist I had seen for the past two decades never could help me out. When I question them about teeth whitening the dentist would respond by saying the bleach would not work on the stain and in fact make it stand out more by brightening the other teeth. The only recommendation I would get would be to get a veneer that my insurance would not pay for.

Dr. Sanjeevan suggested he do a bonding procedure that would remove the stain and fill in the hole with a color to match my tooth. I was unaware of the procedure and skeptical however, he explained to me that it would be painless and quick. In less than a regular filling would take I had a new smile that I was happy to show. Not to mention my insurance covered the procedure. Thank you Dr. Sanjeevan

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