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You will feel right at home at North Dayton Family Dental as we welcome all patients as if they were family. When you arrive in our reception area, you’ll be greeted by name from Penny. The short wait is relaxing and with the soft lighting and the aroma of fresh candles, you know this isn’t a typical dental office – Welcome to your new dental home.

Our Patients Say

My family and I (husband and son) have been coming to North Dayton Family Dental for several years and are loyal patients.

Dr. Sanjeevan cares for each patient with gentle, considerate, knowledgeable and caring touch. The staff offer competent, friendly and timely customer service. I always recommend North Dayton Family Dental to all my friends and family when they are seeking dental care.

Angela W

The experience of receiving dentures can be stressful, but Dr. Sanjeevan made me feel comfortable and relaxed and explained each step along the way. From the fitting to the receiving of the dentures. After receiving the dentures when adjustments were needed, they worked with my schedule and got me in promptly, and even some days, the same day I called. I would recommend Dr. Sanjeevan, and his office staff to anyone needing dentures.

James M.

I am very happy with the care and kindness my family receives from North Dayton Family Dental. The staff is fun, friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is always quiet, and professional.

On my first 6 month return visit, I was fitted for Bleach trays and cannot believe the results in just 6 short months! As a coffee and wine drinker, and also a smoker, my teeth were yellow and dull. Now I have a bright shiny smile that I am proud of. With just a little bit of extra care, I am seeing amazing results. I am more confident as well. I never thought my teeth could look so healthy. They are also aware of my health issues, and do there best to make it a comfortable experience for me.

The staff has also helped us understand how genetics can determine oral health. Both our children were adopted internationally from countries with poor health care, and resources. We feel that with the staffs help, we are setting our children up for a future of excellent smiles!

Kathleen M.

Dear Dr. Sanjeevan I want to thank you for all the improvements you have made to my teeth. You gave me my smile back. I will always recommend you to all my friends and family. You are not only a great dentist but also a kind and caring young man. I knew this after my first visit. You are the best of the best.

June R.

My career has caused me to transfer to several different cities and states over the years (32). Therefore I have changed dentists several times in my life. Dr.Sanjeevan is, in my opinion, the most gentle and pain free (or very minimal) dentist to ever work on my teeth. From the numbing process to the completion of the work he seemed to “care” and be “aware” of the procedure and its potential pain. I have had fillings root canals, and crowns done in his office. He also good at explaining what is needed and what outcome to expect. I would recommend him to anyone who asks me. His office staff is also polite and efficient.

Kevin D.

I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Sanjeevan for several years

He has performed several cosmetic procedures for me over the past couple of years which have greatly improved my smile. Many years ago, I injured my right, front, upper central lateral incisors while playing sports. The injury required that these teeth be treated with root canals. Over the next several years following the root canals, the two teeth turned quite dark. A previous dentist had placed veneers on these two teeth, but due to the translucent nature of veneers, these teeth were still always dark in contrast to their neighbors. Dr. Sanjeevan recommended that I replace the veneers on these teeth with full crowns for both functional (added strength) and cosmetic purposes. Before the procedure, Dr. Sanjeevan recommended that I whiten my teeth so that the color of the new crowns could be matched to my newly whitened natural teeth. In the past, I had never whitened my teeth because it would have only accentuated the darkness of the two vennered teeth as veneers are un affected by the whitening process. I completed the whitening process, then had the two crowns installed by Dr. Sanjeevan. My smile was finally awesome after all these years!

I also had to have a first molar surgically removed a few years ago after a previous root canal on the tooth failed. Following the removal of the tooth, Dr. Sanjeevan encouraged me to pursue the option of getting a dental implant. Recently, I followed through with his advice and had a local periodontist surgically install the titanium implant into my jawbone. Following the successful implant procedure and subsequent brief healing process, Dr. Sanjeevan installed the accompanying abutment (the Post) and crown. For several years while I was without the first molar, I had to minimize chewing on the right side of my mouth because I had an exposed area of gum where the original tooth had once been. Now , I have a brand new “tooth” there, and I can finally chew normally again. Thank you, Dr. Sanjeevan!

My thanks wouldn’t be completed without a reference to Dr. Sanjeevan’s great staff. Kera does a wonderful job of cleaning my teeth twice a year. Shelly always keeps me comfortable whenever Dr. Sanjeevan performs any kind of procedure. And Debbie is the ever smiling receptionist who has been great in coordinating efforts through my dental insurance company.

Bill W.

Dr. Sanjeevan is not only exceptional in his dentistry work he is also great patient advocate. He recommends and explains services the North Dayton Family Dental provides in great detail.

I had a rather large unsightly brownish stain on my front tooth ever since I was a child. Every dentist I had seen for the past two decades never could help me out. When I question them about teeth whitening the dentist would respond by saying the bleach would not work on the stain and in fact make it stand out more by brightening the other teeth. The only recommendation I would get would be to get a veneer that my insurance would not pay for.

Dr. Sanjeevan suggested he do a bonding procedure that would remove the stain and fill in the hole with a color to match my tooth. I was unaware of the procedure and skeptical however, he explained to me that it would be painless and quick. In less than a regular filling would take I had a new smile that I was happy to show. Not to mention my insurance covered the procedure. Thank you Dr. Sanjeevan

Scott H

Never, never, never underestimate the value of a great smile. Thanks Dr. Sanjeevan and staff for making it all possible.

Dr. Scott Galster

I was born missing my lateral incisors. When I was a teenager, I got Marilyn Bridges to replace the missing teeth. The bridges filled the space, but to me, it always looked like I had a blue cast to my front teeth due the metal backed bridges. I started thinking about getting dental implants to replace the Marilyn Bridge. But, after talking with Dr. Sanjeevan I learned that there was new technology in Marilyn Bridges with no metal on the back to show through! I was very happy with this option, and decide to proceed with it!

I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive on my smile! It’s truly beautiful and natural! You’d never guess that the bridges are there! Many thanks to Dr. Sanjeevan and his staff for giving me a beautiful smile!

Amberly L.

There are lots of dentists that claim to be experts in cosmetic dentistry, but Dr. Sanjeevan IS a very skilled cosmetic dentist. I have spent most of my life with discolored teeth and was very self-conscious about my appearance because of this. I rarely smiled a full smile. When I went to Dr. Sanjeevan. He spent time with me to determine the best treatment for me and one that was within my budget and without pressure. He made recommendations on the most effective treatment and other options available. When I made the decision, the process went very quickly and smoothly and I am very happy with the results I can now smile without thinking about how bad my teeth look. Instead, I smile with confidence and my life has changed for the better. I am very happy with Dr. Sanjeevan and his entire staff. I highly recommend Dr Sanjeevan to anyone who wants to make major or even minor improvements to their smile.

Debbie Stegman
Dr. Sanjeevan has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years.

Meet Dr. Sanjeevan

Dr. Maheswaran Sanjeevan was born in Sri Lanka (a tiny island south of India) and moved to Canada at an early age. He opted to do his residency at The Ohio State University and has been calling Ohio home since 1998. In his free time he likes to race cars, golf, travel and enjoys photography. He has been married to his lovely wife, Akalya, since 1998.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Sanjeevan’s expertise in health-related conditions allows him uncover the root cause of your dental issues. This health-based practice allows him to help you restore proper balance, function and health to your mouth as well as the rest of your body.